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Safety deep cycle AGV 12V LiFePO4 Battery

12.8V 100Ah lithium battery = premium Grade A 3.2V LifePo4 battery cells + high-quality BMS + Plastic ABS case+ LCD

screen(display) + Strip handle

1. Maintenance free. Modular design for easy installation and capacity expansion.
2. Long cycle life.
2000 Cycle Times 85% DOD
5000 Cycle Times 65% DOD
8000 Cycle Times 40% DOD
3. Bulit-in smart BMS with multiple protection and communication functions.
4. Wide working temperature range and high reliability.
5. Multiple battery units can be connected in parallel,suitable for high energy storage applications.
6. Compatible with various charge controllers and inverters.
7. Widely used for off-grid solar system storage, telecom back-up, central data center...etc. How Application Case 1.Electric vehicle — Golf cart battery/Low-speed electric car battery/ Tricycle Battery /Motorcycle battery/Ebike Battery 2.Energy Storage –Solar-Wind Power System / City Grid (On/Off) / Telcom Base / Computer Server Center
  • LFP12100
  • Delongtop
  • 12V100Ah
  • 100Ah
Nominal voltage
Nominal capacity
100ah /200ah/300ah/400ah/500ah/600ah(OEM)
Battery type
Top grade A 3.2V 100Ah LifePO4 Prismatic Lithium iron phosphate battery cell
DL-12100 /4S1P/DL-12200/4S2P DL-12300/4S3P DL-12400/4S4P DL-12500/4S5P DL-12600/4S6P
Battery configation
4S1P   4S2P 4S3P 4S4P 4S5P 4S6P
Internal resistance
End of charge voltage
End of charge current
End of discharge voltage
Charge method
CC/CV(constant current/constant voltage)
Max continuous charge current
 50A ( suggetsion), 100A also ok
Max continuous discharge current
Max pulse discharge current
Net weight
100ah: 11kg ,200ah:around 26kg ,300ah: 40kg, 400ah: 45kg, 500ah: 56kg, 600ah: 80kg
Case material
ABS or metal case or stainless steel case
Case dimension
100ah :235*196*170mm (blue) or 329*172*217mm(black)
              ( all dimension can be customized )
2 years. 3 years for seller
Built-in BMS
Monitoring of cell and PCB temperature, current, voltage, cell balancing, etc
Terminal Type
M8 or anderson or another bolt screw
Deep cycle life 2000 times, 80%dod,5000 times , 65% dod, 8000 times, 40% dod
Charge temperature
Discharge temperature
Storage temperature
CE, RoHS ,MSDS and UN38.3 certification
Parallel assembly
up to 10 items (12V-1000Ah)
Enclosure Protection
IP56 or customized IP67 available

Lithium Battery Advantage:
( Reasons for Why you choose Lithium battery to replace lead acid battery )

1. Long cycle life than lead acid Battery
-at least 2000 times - 8000 times 40% dod
2.Less half the weight of similar-capacity than lead-acid batteries
3. Fast charge- charging to 99% in 2.5 hours versus up 13 hours for lead acid batteries.
4.Can accept high charge rates (100A)
5.No maintenance required

6. No battery memory
7.Almost no temperature derating effects
8. 95% energy efficient

Three dimension ( different case ) for 12v 100ah lifepo4 battery:


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