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24V 10ah Li Ion Ebike Battery Pack

  • Shenzhen, China
  • 1000PCS/Week
  • T/T, Paypal
  • DL-7S4P
  • 10ah
  • 24V
  • Ebike
  • Li-ion
  • 24V 10ah Lithium Battery Pack for Ebike
  • 137*90*70mm
  • About 1.5kg
  • 7s4p
  • 18650 Li Ion
  • Wrap with PVC
  • Standard Export Package
  • LiNiCoMnO2
  • China
  • 8507600090
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Series and Parallel
  • Chargeable
  • Medium Discharge Rate
  • Medium
  • Chargers

24v 10ah li ion ebike battery pack 


Item Parameters
Nominal Voltage 24V
Nominal Capacity 10±1Ah( at 0.2C discharge rate)
Discharge normal current           1C
Max continuous  current  2C (≤5min)
cut-off voltage 18.8V
Charge normal charge current 0.5C
Charge mode CC/CV with professional charger
cut-off voltage 29.2±0.1V
Inner Resistance


Discharging Inner resistance                                          

Charge Temperature 0ºC~+45ºC When the environment temperature is higher than 45ºC,please pay attention to ventilation and heat rejection.
Discharge Temperature -20ºC~+60ºC
Humidity Range RH≤85%
Protection Function Over charge protection,Over discharge protection,Over current protection,Balanced function
Shell Material Blue PVC
Weight 1.5.0±0.1kg
Dimension(L*W*H) customized
Cycle Life Standard charge at 0.2C(A), rest 0.5~1 h,discharge at 0.2C to cut off voltage,rest 0.5~1h,repeat the above steps until 500 cycles.( capacity retention rate≥80%) 



Stable BMS system with short-circuit protection ,over-charge protection ,over-discharge protection and over-current protection fuctions .

With at least More than 500times cycle life 

It can run well under different  temperature environment condition

No memory effects.

Suitable for electric bicycle ,electric bike,solar products,lights etc .

Product Pictures

24V 10ah Li Ion Ebike Battery Pack
24V 10ah Li Ion Ebike Battery Pack
24V 10ah Li Ion Ebike Battery Pack
24V 10ah Li Ion Ebike Battery Pack

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24V 10ah Li Ion Ebike Battery Pack
24V 10ah Li Ion Ebike Battery Pack

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