5af1 2600mAh perfume type portable power bank DL-0202 - Delong lithium ion battery

2600mAh perfume type portable power bank DL-0202

2014 new products best gift portable backup battery charger DL-0202-2600mAh

Delong0202 External Battery Pack Charger Power Bank can be used to supply the power to  all kinds of brand phone such as Samsung Phone 

HTC smart phone ,Sony Phone ,Iphone or other digital portable devices . 

 Model (DL-056B1)   Descriptions                                                    
 Product dimension  96*24*22mm                                                                                                                                                         
  Input   5V 1000mAh
  Output  5V 1000mAh
  Color type 6 types of color will be available 
  Charging time 2-3 hours for portable power bank
  Cycle life  More than 500 times
 Protection functions  With over-dishcarge ,over-charge ,over-load and short-circuit protection function
Capacity   2600mAh
 Accessories  1 pcs portable power bank ,1 pcs usb cable line ,5 pcs connectors

Product Feature and characteristics : 

1)Good safety performance :  It has equipped an high quality PCB which can protect the cell inside from over-discharge,over-charge ,over-current,short-circuit etc

2) Appearance :very smart and elegant design by using high quality cylindrical  battery ,6colors will be available 

3)High capacity. It can charge your phone at least 2-3  times 

4)Feature : with elegant and portable design ,six types colorful type power bank available for client . 

5) Higher power transforming efficiency rate .  with more than > 80% power transforming efficiency.

6)Widely application scope : This product can charge all kinds of mobile phone product ,such as Iphone ,Smasung ,HTC ,Sony ,etc 

How to select the creditable power bank for your device ?

 As there are various brand power banks in our current market .consumers don't know much about power industry, their buying tends to only look at the capacity and price of the power bank, leading to many dangerous mobile powers entering into market. What brands supply mobile power of best quality? Which brand is a good external battery brand for cell phones? What are the mobile power prices? Here those questions will be analyzed.

Please check the following factors when evaluates a potential power bank  :

1. Select  A high quality mobile power supply should have such functions : over-discharge protection function , over-current protection ,over-charge protection ,short-circuit protection functions ,generally ,the famous brand will be more creditable than normal brands 
2. Focus on the power conversion rate, and it is enough to choose a product that suits your devices. Don't be greedy for high voltage and low price because usually power banks with low prices but many features will be easy to cause problems, voltage instability or even explosions. Select mobile power capacity according to the device power consumption. In general,usually for 5000-10000mAh  can charge the smart phones for 5 to 6 times, or tablets about 2 or 3 times. It is recommended to select power banks with above 70% conversion rate.
3. Purchase universal type products, because universal mobile power is generally equipped with more than 3 adaptors, applying  any charging models. To charge the tablets or laptops, select mobile power supply with current of 2A.
4. Please be alerted on the actual capacity of the power bank ,as there are many power banks in our market marked the fake capacity to attract the client . DeLong Brand promised we never mark the fake capacity on the power bank ..

It depends on what capacity the mobile power is of, and also what mobile power batteries are made of. On the Internet, many people say that 10000mAH to 
are sold on 7 to 8 dollars. But it is understood that this kind of mobile power batteries are 18650 batteries, and second hand batteries, without security assurance, but false capacity. So their price is low. It is suggested that consumers don't focus too much on prices. Generally good products cost 14 to 70 dollars. It is more important to focus on brand credibility and buyers recommendation of the mobile power to measure which brands are worthy buying.

why does DELONG Brand power bank are reliable ? 

1) DELONG is A power bank brand in china ,we cherish the brand image more than anything else ,Delong Company will never use any fake information

to mislead and attract the client . we protect our brand like protecting our new born baby .

2) Delong company can controlling the quality from the first process ( Cell manufacturing ) to the end process ( Battery pack ),we will discard any defect

cell once it has been inspected out to avoid any quality problem risk with our finished product ,we also can trace back by reviewing the production records

from the beiginning process to the end process .

3) we established a mature after-sales service system which can protect the final consumer interests perfectly. our after sales team will respond any quality

claims agains on DeLong brand power bank within 24 hours .

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